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In order to guarantee a truly pleasant stay, TurinHomeTown Residence Apartments has paid special attention while choosing bed systems: when you travel and sleep in a bed that is not your own, sleep is fundamental, which is why TurinHomeTown Residence Apartments has chosen Dormiflex as its partner for guest sleeping. Dormiflex is a company based in Venice and specialised in the production of bed systems for the hospitality, residential and medical sectors. The products are manufactured entirely in Italy and are made from first choice natural materials of guaranteed quality.
To rest and sleep well the bed system is fundamental: bed base, mattress and pillow, three fundamental elements that must correspond to precise hygienic, ergonomic and orthopaedic characteristics.


CONTRACT SANITY SENSOR TOPPER mattresses feature orthopaedic support and modern independent pocketed springs with seven different zones. The integrated topper is a real stiffness corrector that guarantees ergonomics and comfort for the guest. The quilted and fireproof upholstery fabric and all the padding are anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-mite and anti-bedbug proliferation to meet the highest standards of hygiene and health to the guests.

The patented Air System – the mattress that breathes – allows a constant exchange of air inside the mattress, increasing its hygienic life, using the anti-bacterial effect of oxygen and keeping the materials dry.
Sommier bed bases are specifically designed for the hospitality industry. The supporting structure is made of light but sturdy solid wood slats with Piano Air system, which guarantees maximum breathability of the mattress and bed base. The upholstery is made of hard-wearing, long-lasting, eco-friendly leather that is easy to wash to ensure maximum hygiene.

Homologation Class 1 IM – Italian Ministry of the Interior

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A comfortable, right pillow for every guest. The pillow must ensure a natural sleeping position when lying down, so the choice of pillow is crucial. The bedrooms are equipped with two different types of pillows: ROLLOFILL PILLOW, padded with soft fibre microspheres with a feather effect, capable of giving elasticity, lightness and volume, and MEMORY PILLOW, which takes the shape of the head and neck, made of high-density memory foam, with high resilience and high breathability thanks to the composition of the material and to the through-holes. Both types of pillows are ANTI-ALLERGIC and ANTI-MITE.

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Super comfortable fibre quilts with down effect. Light and fluffy, very warm and perfectly hygienic. Quilts as well are ANTI-ALLERGIC and ANTI-MITE.


Bring the rest comfort you have experienced to your home.

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